Our HIstory

The company started out as R&J Equine Kinetics, Inc. with the goal of setting up an equine hydrotherapy facility in Pennsylvania. As our business plan grew and we learned more about the business end of things, we realized that we had an opportunity to broaden our products.


R&J branched off to start selling equine products, mostly hay and bedding all over the country and Equine Kinetics moved forward to set up a hydrotherapy facility. This is how we became R&J Equine Kinetics, Inc. and why the products have the R&J moniker and the hydrotherapy facility is known as EKI.

We have an amazing team! They bring a wealth of knowledge to both ends of the company and make working easy and fun. We have varied backgrounds from growing up farming, riding horses, to being raised in the city and simply loving animals. Our qualifications range from decades of combined industry experience, bachelors degrees in Biology and Animal and Equine Science, British Horse Society Certifications, and lots of play time riding and working with horses.